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How to Condition Leather Car Seats Naturally For A Better Shine – DIY Guide

Leather seats are some of the most luxurious car seats, but they require some extra work to keep them clean and help them last as long as possible. If you do not take proper care of your leather seats they can dry out and crack over time, leading to uncomfortable seats that look quite bad.

That is why I have put together this guide on how to condition leather car seats naturally. Before you attempt to condition your seats, make sure you clean them thoroughly. We covered in-depth how to properly clean car seat for different materials.

Notes to Keep in Mind Before you Start Conditioning

  • Make sure you spot check any conditioning material you plan to use on a hidden area of your seat before you apply it all over the seat.
  • For best results work in small areas, moving around to adjacent sections completely conditioning each small section.
  • Never use a harsh old towel on your soft leather seats, try to use a microfiber cloth or another incredibly soft towel or rag.
  • As a rule of thumb, you should consider conditioning your leather every month or two, depending on how dry it is where you live.
  • Do not spray anything directly on your leather, instead, apply the solution to your towel or rag and then apply it to the seat. Leather is a porous material and can soak in sprays instantly leading to an ugly shiny spot.
  • Never use any type of hard tool on your leather.
  • Do not oversaturate your leather with any product, use only the minimal amount that is needed to do the job. Leather likes to soak up liquid!
  • Do not use cheap conditioning products on your leather! You get what you pay for in this case.

Homemade Leather Conditioner For Car Seats – How to Make & Use Them

Image of 3 plastic spray containers having liquids in them all in front of 2 leather car seats outside

You agree that conditioning is the best way to clean and nourish your car seats. There are a handful of different ways to condition your seats requiring different materials. Would you like to know about a homemade leather conditioner for car seats?

1) How to Condition Your Leather Auto Seats – DIY Beeswax Leather Conditioner

This method is relatively inexpensive and is highly effective. You will need to make sure you get 100% pure beeswax; any additives or other nonsense could mess up the formula!

This method feels a little bit like a science experiment, but it creates a natural leather conditioner that will make your leather last a long time and have a nice shine.

You will need:

  • 100% pure beeswax
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Saucepan
  • Soft microfiber cloth

Create the DIY Leather Balm

  1. Mix cocoa butter, almond oil, and beeswax in the saucepan using 1-part beeswax, 1 part cocoa butter, and 2 parts almond oil.
  2. Next turn on medium heat. Be extra careful not to overheat the mixture, this will ruin it!
  3. When the fats have begun to melt all the way into the oil take the pan away from the heat and allow it to cool off for about 40 minutes. The result should look like a thick balm. This is now your home-made leather conditioner!

Apply the Beeswax Based Solution to Your Seats

  1. After making sure your seats are totally clean and dry it is time to apply your DIY beeswax balm. Take the pan with your mixture in it and apply the balm directly to a small area of your seat. Work the mixture into your leather in a circular motion, moving from one small area to the next.
  2. Once your seats have been fully massaged and coated in your solution, let them dry for a few minutes. Once it is fully dry, take your soft microfiber cloth and lightly buff out every area of your seat that you put the balm on. Your seats will have a nice shine and be fully protected now!

2) Lemon Essential Oil Natural Leather Protectant Method

This method will leave a nice lemon-fresh smell behind. If you are not a fan of the strong lemon smell, this method is not a good idea for you. Conditioning your seats with this method is a lot easier than the beeswax method because it only involves 3 things.

You will only need these 3 things:

  • High-quality lemon essential oil
  • Soft damp cloth
  • Soft dry cloth for buffing

Before you start, make sure you have already cleaned and dried your seats completely. Once seats are clean and dry you are ready to apply the lemon essential oil.

  1. Take a damp cloth (the softer the better) and add 15 drops of the essential oil.
  2. Massage the essential oil into small sections of your seats in a circular motion until the entire area has been conditioned.
  3. Use your soft dry cloth to buff out the seats to a nice even shine. That is it, your car now smells like freshly squeezed lemon!

3) The Natural Baby Soap Conditioner Method

Usually, using soap on leather is not recommended. Most soap will dry out your leather causing it to become less stretchy and it will eventually start cracking. However, this particular type of natural baby soap is special, and will not cause any of those issues. This method will require you to purchase some natural baby soap. Make sure it does not contain any extra ingredients like additives or fragrances.

You will need:

  • Natural baby soap
  • Vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Soft microfiber cloth

Create the Solution

Combine one tablespoon of the natural baby soap, 2 drops of vinegar, and 32oz of warm water in a bucket or pan.

Condition Your Seats

  1. Take your soft rag and dip it into the mixture
  2. Wring out the cloth until any excess liquid is gone. The cloth should be damp but not dripping wet.
  3. Take the soft rag with the solution on it and wipe down small sections of the seats, one after the other.
  4. Once the seats have been fully covered, let them air dry for about 20 minutes.
  5. When the seats are fully dry, go ahead and buff them with a dry soft rag to a soft shine.

4) Castor Oil and Beeswax Conditioner Method

This method relies on the thick castor oil and beeswax creating a reliable shine that will not damage your leather.

You will need:

  • 6 ounces castor oil (cold pressed is the best)
  • 2 ounces of pure beeswax (no filler)
  • Pyrex measuring cup or beaker
  • Medium saucepan
  • Glass storage container like a mason jar
  • Soft microfiber cloth

Make the mixture

  1. Combine castor oil and beeswax in the Pyrex container
  2. Put the Pyrex measuring cup in the saucepan with water in it and put it on medium heat
  3. Leave the solution in the pan until it is completely liquid and has no chunks
  4. Pour the solution into a mason jar or other glass storage container
  5. Let the mixture cool

How to Condition Leather Car Seats Naturally with the Mixture

  1. Make sure the seats are clean and dry and have no debris or dust anywhere on them before you attempt to apply any of the solutions.
  2. Using your hands or a soft rag, gently apply the castor oil and beeswax solution to your seats moving from one small section to the next, making sure to remove any excess solution as you go
  3. Allow your seats to dry for about 8 hours (or just overnight).
  4. Buff your seats with a clean dry soft rag or towel until the surface has a nice deep shine.

Conclusion of How to Condition Leather Car Seats Naturally



car seat detailing using a conditioner


Now you know how to condition leather car seats naturally with all the steps to making homemade leather car seat conditioners. You can do it yourself with any of the  diy leather conditioners and make your vehicle leather seats shinning.

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