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How to Find The Best Used Mercedes Model to Buy For Your Budget

If like so many others, you are thinking about buying a used Mercedes this year, you are going to be joining an elite group of car owners.

The great news is that Mercedes has, for many years now, offered some of the most reliable vehicles on the road today. So even when buying a used (or pre-owned) model, you are purchasing a car you can rely on.

But with so many different models, how do you decide which one to get? This company has been making cars with powerful engines for over 100 years now, and they provide an excellent selection.

In this guide, we will look at some options and try to determine the best used Mercedes model to buy, so you can make a more informed decision.

But before that, there are other things you need to consider when buying a pre-owned vehicle, which we will look at below.

Things to Know Before Choosing the Best Used Mercedes Model To Buy

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Looking for a nice car?

Well, there are certain benefits to buying a used Mercedes Benz instead of something like a brand new Kia Optima, Ford Fusion, or Accura.

You can get Mercedes-Benz models with certified low mileage for around the same price as the cars we’ve just mentioned.

The biggest benefit of buying a used car is that someone else will have already eaten the depreciation in the price of the new car. If you were to buy a new car from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer over a used one, you would find that its price will have dropped severely the minute you’ve driven it away from the car lot.

However, going with certified pre-owned vehicles means you will be faced with less depreciation in value. Plus, you’ll be driving around in a car that utilizes the utmost in refined engineering.

You need to know that buying a used Mercedes-Benz has its pitfalls. However, you can avoid them by ensuring that you spend time and effort researching any model before spending your hard-earned cash.

Benefits of Owning Used Mercedes-Benz Models

Below, we’ll look at the advantages of owning a used Mercedes-Benz and then some of the possible problems. We’ll show you the factors you need to keep an eye on to ensure you buy a great car rather than getting stuck with a lemon. Let’s start with the positives:

  1. Even older models, such as a 2008 Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicle, carry quite a few safety features.
  2. The value of luxury cars tends to depreciate much more slowly compared to economy-class vehicles.
  3. When you buy earlier models of Mercedes cars through an authorized dealership, they tend not to come with a factory warranty. Other dealers selling certified pre-owned vehicles may also offer a limited warranty. These tend to last about a year and cover any problems that may arise that are not caused by you driving the car.
  4. You still get the benefits of buying a high-end car with a wide range of additional features without spending a small fortune upfront.

Drawbacks to Owning Used Mercedes-Benz Cars

Of course, when buying a used car, even a Mercedes-Benz, you need to be aware of the possible pitfalls:

  1. Just because you decide on what you consider the best used Mercedes to buy for your budget doesn’t mean you will enjoy an excellent ride for years to come.
  2. Even with such high-quality cars, when buying used, you could still end up with something that needs a lot of work in the future.
  3. When it comes to these types of luxury vehicles, you could still be faced with high maintenance and repair costs.
  4. Unfortunately, with all its advanced technology and features, the chances that something may go wrong are increased.
  5. If you buy your Mercedes from a private owner rather than from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership, then you won’t get any warranty coverage.
  6. You also need to consider how much it will cost you to keep such a vehicle on the road. Most Mercedes use only premium grade gas, so the costs of running such will be somewhat higher than if you were driving something like a Kia or a Ford.

So Which Is the Best Used Mercedes to Buy?

 White Mercedes Benz Coupe on Road

As we’ve already mentioned above, there are several different models of Mercedes you might consider buying.

Below, we look at five of the best-used Mercedes models so that you can make a more informed decision before you spend your hard-earned money on such a vehicle.

1. 2014 CLA250

This subcompact is one of the best-value pre-owned Mercedes-Benz you can buy. On average, expect to have to pay around $18,000 for a 2014 model, which can do about 30 mpg of mixed driving.

2. 2015 C300

This compact sedan/coupe underwent a complete remodeling in 2015. For a new one, you can expect to pay upwards of $41,000, but the older models come in at more reasonable prices. Some are available for around $20,000.

Unlike the previous model discussed, this car comes with rear-wheel drive and offers more of the qualities you would expect from their high-end models. As well as the interior of this vehicle being more spacious, you will find that higher-quality materials have been used inside.

The basic model in this range is fitted with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can produce up to 241 horsepower. As the engine in this model is larger compared to the CLA250, it can only do around 28mpg.

3. 2014 S550

This is the most expensive of all the cars discussed in this article. Even today, this sedan is Mercedes’s flagship model and is the one most celebrities, political leaders, and billionaires seek out because of its smooth ride.

Not only are these very spacious inside, but also very quiet. The interior is beautiful and no expense has been spared on the materials, providing you with an extremely enjoyable riding experience.

Although most opt for the four-door version, there is a beautiful two-door coupe you could also consider. On average, expect to spend around $50,000 on a pre-owned model. As with all S550 models, the 2014 model provides plenty of power, fitted with a V8 449 horsepower engine.

4. 2016 SL400

This two-seater droptop roadster has always been very popular with those wanting to own a Mercedes. Not only due to its blend of performance and luxury, but also because it’s a pleasure to drive.

We’ve gone with the 2016 SL400 model from Mercedes because it is a good value and often comes with a warranty. However, you may also want to consider one of the older models.

Just like with most Mercedes cars, this one comes with a wide range of different size engines. However, the basic model in this range is fitted with a V6 329-horsepower engine. This should provide you with plenty of power as you cruise along.

On average, depending on the vehicle condition, you would expect to have to pay around $50,000 for a pre-owned version of this car. Whereas, if you were to buy the same new model, you could expect to pay upwards of $89,000 from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

5. 2015 AMG CLS63

We have included the AMG CLS63 in our list as we wanted to include one of the cars from Mercedes that is part of the AMG high-performance range.

We chose it because of its sleek lines, yet it still has sufficient space to seat four people comfortably. When brand new, this 2015 model would have cost you around $107,000. However, today you should expect to pay approximately $60,000 for one certified pre-owned at a Mercedes-Benz dealer, which includes a warranty.

This particular model packs a punch, fitted with a V8 engine that is turbocharged and provides 577 horsepower.

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Mercedes

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When buying any pre-owned car, the worst thing you could do is buy the first one you are offered at a low price.

To be sure that you’re buying a used car that will provide you with years of happy driving, you must conduct some research first.

If you follow our four steps below, when it comes to buying a used car, you stand to make a much more informed decision.

Step 1 – Check Reviews, Ratings, and Forums Online

Simply Google search the model of Mercedes you are thinking of getting and add “reviews” to the end. For example, if you’re considering buying a 2014 S550, type in “2014 Mercedes S550 reviews.”

Go through any information you find, making sure that you check any recommendations you see come up. It’s also worth going onto any forums where the model is being discussed and asking any questions you may have.

Step 2 – Check Out the Vehicle’s History

If you are interested in a specific Mercedes car, it is worth getting a history report for it before you look at it. Contact the official Mercedes-Benz dealership where you found the car and ask them to provide you with the vehicle’s VIN.

Once you have this, you can then arrange to get a vehicle history report for around $10. Several companies can provide you with a report in a very timely manner. Companies like CarFax or VINCarHistory can return a report to you online.

If you are purchasing your car from a reputable dealer, they should provide a similar report when the sales process begins. Sometimes, though, it is nice to know about the vehicle before going any further.

These reports are full of helpful information and will include the following:

  • The car’s title history, including how many people have owned it
  • In some cases, an entire maintenance history

Step 3 – Carry Out a System Scan

Carrying out a complete system scan of any Mercedes you consider buying will provide you with even more valuable data. This is where you find out if there are any malfunctions, faults, or other issues with the car, as they will be reflected in the fault codes.

You can, of course, carry out this yourself if the seller of the vehicle will allow you to do it. But performing this sort of inspection requires special equipment. It is best to arrange for a qualified mechanic to carry out this inspection on any used car before you spend your cash.

Step 4 – Arrange For an Independent Pre-Sale Inspection

Of all the steps you need to take before buying any used Mercedes, this is the most crucial to get done before making that all-important offer.

This is the most effective way for you to ensure that the car you are buying is not only drivable but also reliable. By doing this, you will avoid purchasing a vehicle that could develop problems in a very short time and end up costing you a lot of money in the future.

You must hire a mechanic from a qualified auto repair shop to carry out this pre-sale inspection. Never just rely on the one that the seller recommends.

You will have to pay for this inspection, but it is a good investment, as it could save you a lot of money in the future.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

We trust you have found this article helpful, and we look forward to you enjoying all that a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car has to offer.

When determining the best used Mercedes model to buy, start by looking at what your local dealer offers. Spend time checking out the various available models, and remember to do some research online by talking to other Mercedes-Benz owners on different forums.

Don’t only look at what makes and models are available. Check the kind of mileage each vehicle comes with.

Let us know how you get on and which, if any, used Mercedes you end up buying!