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Who Are We?

At AUTOMOTIVE DRIVING we are passionate about vehicles and all that is related.

We are a team of real people who are dedicated to researching, testing & writing to real people. Our mission is to make available DIY information, tools & methods that will help  you get your vehicle in optimal condition, inside and outside. For those who truelly care about the proper performance of their ride.

Some of our team are experienced in the field. Either in specific areas in sales, repairs and general maintainers. A vast array of passionate contributors to every single article that we  eventually publish from time to time.

It’s our number one advise that you first go see an on-ground specialist if you have
serious concerns about the state of your vehicle as we are not a replacement for your expert in such areas that your car has needs.

Automotive Driving was an idea born because of the need to help ordinary people find ways to repair and take care of their car instead of wasting time & money on these simple little tasks associated with automobile. In most cases we take rigorous steps to bring you the relevant information we could lay our hands on per time.

Meet Some of Our Team


Thomas RiggsThomas Riggs owner and operator of automotivedrivingbelt.com.

The resident car guru and aficionado, he enjoys spreading his knowledge and passion for vehicles, allowing others to maintain and enjoy their cars for as long as possible.”


James Dixon“James Dixon coordinates the researche and test of the tools, equipment & products we find relevant for our readers. With a unique ability to break down complex issue into easy to understand terms, he is a proffessional DIY who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.”


“Alex Whybrow Alex Whybrow is the Automotive Driving Belt car-buying expert.

He knows buying a new vehicle can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. From knowing how much to pay, where to go, how to not get ripped off, and much more, writes about it all.”